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Unlock your best competitive advantage — Your People.

Start solving business challenges continuously by including all your people in the innovation journey. Brainstorm, capture, develop, implement, track, and protect ideas in one place.

The new way of engaging your employees

Automate the entire idea and innovation management process!

01 - Generate

Increase your team's creativity with Inventor Assistant

Want to develop a new product? or improve customer experience? Use our AI-powered Inventor Assistant to brainstorm with you, not for you.

02 - Capture

Let your team submit ideas from anywhere, anytime.

Maintain a flow of raw ideas. Support anytime, anywhere idea submission + Launch focused innovation challenges to enable organization-wide innovation.

Lead by open innovation.


Financial Growth

Employee Engagement

Healthy IP Portfolio

Customer Success

Product & Services Innovation

Talent Retention

The idea and innovation management hub you can rely on to:

Discover a plethora of ideas to transform business processes, engage customers and business partners, and get diverse revenue streams.

Go beyond capturing and implementing ideas by protecting your invaluable resources. No more idea theft.

Your first notification to the world that you have an invention worth protecting needs perfection.

Empower your employees to disclose inventions effectively and strategically.

Remember, the disclosure dictates how the patent examiner will pursue the patent.

Employees are your biggest assets; fuel their will to innovate and exceed their daily tasks.

Establish an innovation culture that entitles everyone to ideation and invention, with no fear of failures.

Discover new levels of innovation with a personal assistant

  • Brainstorm every possible solution to your problem
  • Chat about the resources and support you’ll need to bring your idea to completion
  • Explore the potential benefits of your idea
  • Find the missing link to execute your idea

Fully integrates with your technology stack

Collect, communicate, implement, and analyze productively without moving out of your existing systems.

Security and privacy at its best

Employees feel threatened and somewhere discouraged from sharing ideas as the fear of idea theft is real. Ensure secure communication & ideation.

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