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Reach Your Team’s Innovation Potential

Simplify how teams share diverse perspectives so the best ideas can thrive.

Team Leaders

Nurture a sustainable culture of innovation where diverse perspectives can be shared.

Innovation Evangelists

Get innovation flowing by automating how employees are invited to connect to create a healthy pipeline full of quality ideas.

Patent Professionals

Manage a smooth disclosure program with limited manual oversight and zero tech overhead.

A foundation for great ideas to thrive

84% of executives believe innovation is important to their growth strategy, but only 6% are satisfied with their innovation performance.

Source: McKinsey Global Innovation Survey, McKinsey analysis

Employees want
to contribute

Teams can use InspireIP Ideas to quickly capture creative concepts to match their working style — a mobile app, plug-ins for Slack, Google Chat and Microsoft Teams —  then apply customizable templates and automated workflows to further adapt to team norms and business needs. 

Patent Pros need disclosure to be simple

For patent professionals and legal teams looking to step-up IP potential, InspireIP Innovation simplifies a fragmented, manual process working as a stand-alone platform or by complementing an existing docketing system.

How many ideas will your team generate?

Show employees you value their ideas, while guiding them to align inventions and solutions to your strategic priorities.
Establishing a sustainable culture of innovation throughout the company/organization is challenging and complex. There needs to be an easier way to accomplish this.
Director of Innovation
IP Counsel
Managing the disclosure pipeline is very time-consuming and getting employees engaged to share quality disclosures is very challenging.
Chief IP Counsel
As the organization grows, the distance between myself and the frontline employees is increasing and our innovative culture is decreasing. I know we have smart employees, but I need a way to connect with them easily.

Simplifying how employees share ideas can lead to
greater engagement and business alignment.

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