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Idea and Innovation Management Software

Innovation is the soul and people are the

of your business

We bring them together!

Talent builds the floor of your innovation castle. InspireIP unlocks its full potential.

AI-Powered Prior Art Search
Easy Integration
One-Click Disclosure
AI-Powered Prior Art Search
Easy Integration
One-Click Disclosure

Answer a few questions and get a roadmap to innovation

Built to capture the innovation potential

Employees are your biggest assets if you know how to harness their innovation potential.

In house benefits of InspireIP

In-house Benefits

An innovation culture, internally, empowers every employee to innovate. You discover a plethora of ideas to transform business processes, engage customers and business partners, and get diverse revenue streams.

You overcome organizational challenges and remove silos to stay agile in the rapidly changing environment.

Business benefits of InspireIP

Business Benefits

Once you have an innovation program in place, you’ll receive ideas capable of turning into full-blown inventions. You’ll be developing novel products and services. Protecting your invaluable resources becomes inevitable.

We empower you to disclose your invention correctly and notify the world about your invention impact-fully.

Choose your goal! Innovation starts here.

Every idea is a business opportunity that can turn into your intellectual property.

Idea Assist

Ensure that ideas flow seamlessly across your organization while aligning back to your business goals. Our tool helps you:
• Increase financial performance
• Optimize internal processes
• Engage and retain employees
• Develop new products & services
• Strengthen customer relations

Capture Ideas




Invention Disclosure

Novelty Check

Disclosure Evaluation

Application drafting

IP Assist

Your first notification to the world that you have an invention worth protecting needs perfection. IP Assist helps you:
• Lay a solid foundation through your patent application
• Establish an innovation culture that entitles everyone to an invention
Remember, your invention disclosure dictates how the patent examiner will pursue your patent at the patent office.

Convert your idea into invention with Inventor Assistant

Our AI-based freemium feature helps you discover new levels of innovation.

Brainstorm with us

Chat about the resources and support you’ll need

Explore the potential benefits of your idea

Find the missing link to executing your idea

A sustainable innovation program is our commitment to you

We prioritize you and every individual on your team!

Innovation-led growth leveraging real-time analytics.

AI-powered tool—PQAI—to bring out the authenticity of your invention.

Customization, accessibility, and guaranteed security.

Successful patent drafting & filing, including a thorough disclosure evaluation process, before submission to the patent office.

Ideate, capture, develop, collaborate, evaluate, execute, and update.

Continuous updates to cover your growing needs. We listen & observe.

Multi-platform compatibility. Take your pick!

Fully integrates with your technology stack

Collect, communicate, implement, and analyze productively without moving out of your existing systems.

Security and privacy at its best

Employees feel threatened and somewhere discouraged from sharing ideas as the fear of idea theft is real. Ensure secure communication & ideation.

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