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Capture Ideas, Innovate Faster, And Achieve Success

Transform ideas into breakthrough innovations with our idea capture tool. InspireIP has a simple framework that makes idea capture and idea management effortless and quick.

An idea capture and innovation management software for executives who wants to increase creativity in the workplace

Team Leaders

Nurture a sustainable culture of innovation where diverse perspectives can be shared.

Innovation Evangelists

Innovation management is now easy. Get innovation flowing by creating a healthy pipeline full of quality ideas.

Patent Professionals

Manage a smooth disclosure program with limited manual oversight and zero tech overhead.

Simplifying how employees share ideas can lead to greater engagement and business alignment.

Employee idea management

Automatic Idea Capture

InspireIP bot connects with your communication platform to collect ideas instantly.

Proper Idea Management

InspireIP offers a systematic idea management so that no idea gets un-noticed.

Quick Idea Generation

InspireIP lets the users add ideas using one single click only making idea generation quick and easy.

Automated Novelty Analysis

InspireIP performs an AI-powered prior art search for every idea using PQAI.

Simple Disclosure

Dashboard and to-do items to simplify disclosure management end-to-end.

Employee's Recognition

InspireIP makes it easier to track every employee's efforts in innovation.

Employees' ideas are the biggest asset you have

InspireIP is an AI-powered, cloud-based idea management platform. Built to quickly capture creative ideas. It is available for both android and IOS users. Get innovation bot  integrated with Slack, Google Chat and Microsoft Teams on demand. 

inspireip innovation

Simple patent disclosure is possible for patent pros

For patent professionals and legal teams looking to step-up Innovation potential. InspireIP simplifies a fragmented, manual process working as a stand-alone platform and creates a sustainable flow of easily managed innovative ideas.

A centralized solution to enhance
your innovation management.

With the best idea capture and innovation management software, build an innovation culture in your workplace.

Idea Generation

The InspireIP platform allows users to run multiple challenges simultaneously alongside the standard idea submission program.

Idea Management

InspireIP promotes transparency and allows program administrators to identify and address idea pipeline bottlenecks quickly.

Idea Capture

People get ideas at different times, on different days, and in different situations. InspireIP allows employees to easily share ideas anytime.

Idea Innovation

Innovations are usually the results of an idea that was put into practice supported with the resources like InspireIP

A foundation for great ideas to thrive

84% of executives believe innovation is important to their growth strategy, but only 6% are satisfied with their innovation performance.

Source: McKinsey Global Innovation Survey, McKinsey Analysis

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