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Turn employees into innovators and ideas into intellectual properties

Learn how to build an innovation culture that gets your employees passionate about generating and implementing ideas.

A roadmap to innovation: Ideation to implementation

What's in it for you?

  • Entire idea management process from idea generation to implementation

  • Learn how to perfect the ideation phase

  • Overcome common ideation challenges

  • Introduction to the Catalyst: Idea Management Software

  • Loads of examples to make learning easy

  • Methods for prioritizing and selecting ideas

  • Successful idea refinement and collaborative prototyping

  • The ideation to implementation blueprint

  • And so much more!

What we'll talk about?

Hey there innovators and trailblazers! Ready to dive into the exciting world of turning ideas into reality? 

Innovation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the secret sauce that keeps things fresh, exciting, and ahead of the curve. Whether you’re steering a startup, navigating the corporate landscape, or just passionate about shaking things up, this roadmap is your guide to making waves in the ever-evolving sea of possibilities.

But, why should you care about the steps from idea generation to implementation?


Avoiding the Innovation Bermuda Triangle

Ever felt lost in the vast ocean of ideas with no way to express or capture them? The roadmap is like your compass, helping you with the key steps in the innovation process and guiding you to that treasure trove of breakthroughs.


Resource Treasure Hunt

Got a limited budget and a crew that’s stretched thin? The roadmap helps you decide where to dig for treasure, so you’re not wasting time and resources on uncharted islands. It’s your easy-to-follow implementation plan that enables you to come up with a minimum viable product, minimum viable project, or MVP.


Turning Crew into Innovators

Your team are potential inventors and this roadmap helps you get them ready to explore new horizons and discover hidden treasures. Learn how to generate ideas with your workforce, ecosystem, customers, and beyond–using idea management software.


Storm-Proofing and Business Innovation

Every innovation leader knows the importance of growth planning for storms. The roadmap helps you overcome the obstacles and learn principles and methods of idea development, preparing you for innovation storms.


Finding the Fountain of Youth

Innovation keeps your ship from turning into a relic. The roadmap is your map to the ever-evolving innovation strategy and idea management, helping your organization stay forever young and vibrant.


Continuous Improvement

The roadmap ensures your crew keeps hoisting that flag, embracing a culture of innovation at every port. Idea generation, idea selection, feedback reaction and loop, and basically the entire innovation process.

Also, it helps you celebrate victories, big and small, with your crew on the shores of innovation triumph.

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