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Meet Our Founder

“InspireIP is on a mission to help you manage innovation and accelerate the pace of your patent filing process.”

Sam Zellner- InspireIP CEO
Sam Zellner
CEO, Founder

When you’ve worked in the industry for a particularly long time and secured over 200 patents as an inventor, it teaches you. You learn the ins and outs of the business – the pros, the cons, the flaws, and the possible solutions to these problems.

While working at one of the top telecommunications organizations as Executive Director of Patent Development and Executive Director of Innovation, I noticed the mismanagement of innovation.

Multiple ideas were getting wasted because inventors were too busy to share their thoughts or assumed the company did not care.

The impact of this lost innovation became very apparent in my roles as Executive Director of Patent Development and Executive Director of Innovation.

Ironically, the patent team constantly struggled to maintain a flow of good ideas while inventors let them fall by the wayside. I realized our systems were not effectively engaging our inventors or stakeholders.

Even when the in-house innovation program was successfully engaging the employees, the crowdsourcing strategy couldn’t screen ideas effectively and created strife among the employees. This added burden on the team to constantly monitor the crowd behavior. Without a practical method to manage the pipeline, the processing of ideas became very time-consuming.

In both situations, after much effort, I successfully overcame these obstacles to create a valuable patent portfolio and a pipeline of valuable employee innovations.

Destressed employee
innovation culture

When I realized how common my experience was and that other innovation leaders and companies face similar struggles, I knew I had to tackle it.

As a believer in the power of innovation, I created a platform that enables leaders and companies to:

  • Manage innovation.
  • Create successful and sustainable innovation programs
  • Run an innovation strategy backed by industry-best practices
  • Scale effortlessly

Lo and behold, InspireIP was born!

Now, we have a range of products and services to cater to companies of every size and with employee bases scattered around the world.

At InspireIP, we believe in and strive to empower organizations to “Foster Innovation ASAP!”. 

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When ideas thrive, innovation flows.

The InspireIP idea management platform is designed to give teams structure and visibility to surface the ideas with the greatest potential.

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