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How encouraging culture of innovation at TI introduced DMD chips?

Ti culture of innovation


Texas Instruments (TI) designs, manufactures and sells analog and embedded semiconductors in various sectors. This includes the industrial, automotive, personal electronics, communications equipment, and enterprise areas. This widespread services of TI is the result of empowering a culture of innovation in the workspace. 

The Idea and Implementation:

Dr. Larry Hornbeck, a company’s researcher led a team to create the Digital Micromirror Device (DMD). An optical micromachine that powered some of the versatile display technologies. The motive was to create a device that modulated light rather than imaging it. In 1991, Hornbeck received the first patent for the DMD design, and soon the DMD chips were integrated into Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors. The digital cinema projectors were able to light up 70-foot screens. 


DLP Projectors set the industry standard by being employed in the movie industry and were successful in reducing the size and cost of digital projectors. In fact, Dr. Larry Hornbeck won an Emmy for his Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development. 

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