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Innovation example: A Guard’s idea to store inmate photos differently

inmate images innovation example

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Massachusetts department of correction

The Massachusetts Department of Correction oversees the state prison system. It includes 15 facilities across the state of Massachusetts. It is in charge of people sentenced to prison, parole, probation, or house arrest.

Inmate photos idea and implementation

Innovation can happen anytime and anywhere. An amazing innovation example is when A Guard at the Massachusetts Department of Corrections realized that the inmate photos were not stored efficiently. He suggested changing the procedure of taking inmate pictures with film and keeping them in an old-fashioned manner. He proposed using digital cameras to create a database for image storage. Although a prison may not seem like a place with huge innovation potential, still, the authorities still considered the idea.

The prison started storing inmate images digitally instead of on film.

innovation example inmate pictures



The department had 16 correctional institutions and the idea of saving inmate photos digitally saved them over $56,000 on film in the first year of installation alone.

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