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Internet innovation: The Ubizen segment of eXpanded media

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Ubizen is a data security software developer and distributor. The company’s software allows secure Internet commerce transactions and web portal access. Here is the story of the tech & internet innovation of Ubizen.

The innovative idea:

In the mid-90s, internet use was rising up fast. The need to have better security of one’s data became much more imperative than anything. It was then, that an intrapreneur at  Ubizen shared an incredible idea. 

Guy Claesens, a Ubizen employee, developed an idea that initiated the foundation of eXpanded Media, a small business unit within Ubizen. The goal was to professionalize application security. 

“…it was about how to integrate internet technology, information management, and process automation into the core of a business. Not just the technology but the core business of the company”. –  Guy Claesens

Guy gave It was a symbiotic arrangement in which Ubizen pooled its resources and supplied security solutions while eXpanded Media developed innovation in the form of new apps.


eXpanded Media grew into a successful independent company within a year with over 70 employees. Guy Claesen, the founding member had risen to the position of CEO. Hear the complete internet innovation interview here

It is important to note that a simple idea emerged from an employee, and had a huge potential to turn into an independent company. An idea may appear small or less significant at first, but every idea matters. Your employees, too, might have amazing ideas that you can use in the progress of your innovation management.

Your employees are full of creativity and share diverse perspectives on everything. Using an idea capture tool, you can collaborate with teams in a centralised place and gather ideas effortlessly. Not sure about it? Give it a try and then decide. 

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