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Still using traditional idea generation methods?

If you're not using idea management software, we believe these might be your go-to options. Sadly, there are a few backlogs of such conventional idea capture methods.

Communication channels?

An idea reserved email address or a whiteboard

The Drawback?

1. Similar ideas may be submitted

2. Not much ideas are received

Suggestion box?

Physical idea boxes to drop in ideas

The Drawback?

1. They are mostly empty

2. Hard to track every idea that is submitted


Dedicated events to capture ideas in large amounts from people

The Drawback?

1. Such events are not held at a regular pace

2. Requires too much time and management

Physical Meetups?

Ideas get shared over tea breaks or team meetings

The Drawback?

1. Not much participation by employees

2. Few ideas gets slipped out of conversations

So, what is the big take away from this? and possible solution?

Not every way of idea collection is failing. But, there does need some changes to increase an innovation culture in the workplace

Idea management tool

Tiresome process

The effort needed in sharing ideas and following through them could feel burdensome.


An idea management system can make the process of collecting and working on ideas quick and easy

Idea theft & overstepping

Employees fear that someone else might steal their ideas or try to overstep their thoughts


A secure place where everyone feels free to share their ideas with confidence.

Difficulty in monitoring

It could be hard to keep track of all the ideas and some ideas might get lost in the process.


A systematic approach where it is easy to track how every idea is performing in a simple way

You're an idea management software away from reaching your desired innovation potential

InspireIP makes it easy to capture employee's ideas

Effortless Process

InspireIP lets you capture employee ideas in a single click that makes it super convenient to use


Easy idea capture

Idea Privacy

InspireIP ensures idea's privacy by giving it a limited visibility to its owners and reviewers only


People feel secure to share their ideas

Progress track

InspireIP offers a clear idea progress so that it is easy to keep up with the idea's growth


Staying up to date is easy

Idea appreciation

InspireIP simplifies calculating every person's efforts and motivates an innovation culture


Employees feel more connected to the organization

Safe Ownership

InspireIP has option to add collaborators who contribute to the idea in hassle-free way


No room for confusion of credibility

Easy conversations

InspireIP's inbuilt discussion feature allows employees to share thoughts and ideas at one place


Free discussion of idea's significance, nature, uses etc.

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