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Who was behind McDonalds’ innovation of happy meal?

mcdonalds happy meal innovation

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About McDonald’s

Do we even need to explain? Well, McDonald’s is a food service organization that started in 1955. The company operates over 30,000 restaurants in over 100 countries across six continents. Serving their customers for decades and making happy clients with their McDonald’s happy meal innovation.

Mcdonalds’ Innovation of Happy Meal:

In 1977, Dick Brams, the regional manager for St Louis, proposed an idea of a dinner meal targeted toward kids. He pitched the idea to the management, and it was appreciated by the leadership. Later in 1979, McDonald’s debuted the Happy Meal, designed based on Dick’s idea. McDonald’s Happy Meal was first introduced with a Circus Wagon Train theme, which included McDoodler stencils, puzzle locks, and McWrist wallets.

McDonald’s Happy Meal innovation allowed the company to improve the dining experience for kids and families. It was a heavily successful idea for McDonald’s and the company continues to serve Happy Meals after 41 years of its launch. The product is one of the biggest revenue generators for the burger giant. The company did not just increase its revenue through this Happy Meal innovation and attracted a wider customer base.


Isn’t this a happy story? Innovation is not as hard as one may think. And more importantly, it all starts with an idea only. This is why an innovation culture is needed in the workplace to capture employees’ ideas.

This story not only answers how managers can encourage innovation in the workplace but also depicts the benefit of idea management and implementation. If such innovation stories interest you, We post two innovation culture stories about how employees changed the fortune of a company on our blog, weekly. Subscribe to our blog by filling out the short form below.

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