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Southwest Airlines Humor announcements- an employee idea

Southwest Airlines Humor

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About Southwest Airlines:

Founded in 1967, Southwest Airlines Co. is one of the major airlines in the US. It offers its services at 121 airports in 11 countries. A unique idea from an employee rocketed the company’s outreach the most. 

Southwest Airlines and the employee’s humor:

One fine day, bored with the monotonous safety instructions something strange happened. Southwest Airlines Flight attendant Martha ‘Marty’ Cobbs decided to improvise her safety announcement speech with humorous additions. Passengers in the cabin started to notice the spin and started to enjoy the announcements. Tired passengers who were ignoring the familiar monologue earlier, started noticing Marty’s conversation. Later, the flight attendant also received YouTube fame when passengers started sharing the recordings of her announcements.  Some of Marty’s lines included the following: 

“Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, and then place it on your child. If you’re travelling with more than one child, start with the one with the greatest earning potential.”
“In the event, you haven’t been in an automobile since 1960, our flight attendants will now show you how to fasten a seatbelt.”
Martha ‘Marty’ Cobbs

Results of the idea:

In several customer satisfaction surveys done by Southwest Airlines Humor mixed announcements. Respondents mentioned that the flight safety announcement is one of the most engaging aspects of their flights. It is estimated that the value of Southwest Airlines’ safety announcements could be worth $140m a year in increased customer loyalty.

This tells us that it is imperative to capture ideas from employees by encouraging an innovative culture in your workspace. Ideas come and go in the brains of your employees and the few that get unrecognized may just be the game changer.

You do not want to let any ideas go in vain and to make it possible, you should procure the right idea management tool that will facilitate innovation in your organization. Need help? This listicle will help you find the right tool. 

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