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5 Best AI HR Software: Engage and Retain Top Talent


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The benefits of AI tools in HR are far beyond increasing the speed of business, saving time and resources, and reducing human error. AI HR software is now used in many proactive ways, such as:

  • promoting workplace engagement and productivity
  • automating repetitive tasks and processes
  • making data-driven smart decisions
  • analyzing learning gaps
  • creating personalized experiences

The right AI tools for HR facilitate day-to-day tasks like optimizing recruitment, onboarding new employees, and strengthening employee engagement.

In fact, 88% of companies use AI technology in HR across the globe.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the latest AI tools for HR professionals to add or integrate into their technology stack.


AI Tools for HR Professionals


#1 Idea Assist


Idea Assist is an AI-powered, innovation-focused platform and solution for HR professionals looking to engage employees and bring structure to innovation programs.

Leverage Innovation Challenges, a built-in feature, to simplify your business innovation efforts. The tool helps you analyze data, generate reports, and review engagement insights.

HR managers love how Idea Assist can automate the entire innovation pipeline, i.e., capturing, evaluating, deep analysis, implementation, and evaluation. For example, the HR department can use the platform to:

  • Gamify the experience of sharing ideas for business challenges.
  • Recognize and reward employees with the most contributions.
  • Connect the entire workforce, working from multiple bases, at one medium.
  • Provide internal growth opportunities to every individual equally.
  • Reduce status differences by welcoming innovation from every designation.
  • Encourage the culture of development intrinsically.
  • Promote workplace diversity.
  • Help teams perform at their best.

With Idea Assist, you can store all your employee knowledge in one place and manage access controls. Connect stakeholders to idea flows, prioritize key ideas, plan implementation, and get actionable insights for performance on the platform’s intuitive dashboard.


Idea Assist’s best features

  • Innovation challenges to support employee productivity and processes
  • Interactive platform to oversee innovation workflows
  • Integrations with the existing technology stack
  • True collaboration made easy and effortless
  • Easy to adopt and an immediate update
  • Multi-platform accessibility and a mobile app
  • Completely customizable
  • Feedback loop
  • Organize and qualify thousands of ideas
  • Source ideas from anywhere
  • Stakeholder engagement at every stage of the idea journey
  • Custom reports to prove ROI
  • Integrated with industry-best innovation practices
  • Data security


Idea Assist pricing

  • Free AI tools for HR: 30-Day Free Trial (No credit card required)
  • Starter: $150/month
  • Professional: $495/month
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

For details, see the Pricing page.


#2 Effy


“Effy is designed to be a daily workforce management tool, helping managers and human resources build high-performing teams.”

Effy is an AI-powered software that generates valuable insights and performance reviews. The platform’s creators aim to streamline working on elaborate employee performance reviews or 360-degree feedback forms.

With Effy, your HR team can automate the process of setting up one-on-one meetings and sending invitations to team members. They promise the fastest experience in running employee reviews with ready-to-use templates and AI-summarizing.

Based on the package designed for you, Effy can offer a lot of different valuable functions, such as personal employee cards, on/off-boarding processes, chatbot, surveys, Slack integration, and so on.

We believe it fits best companies that are just starting to build review processes and those that conduct reviews occasionally. Also, they have automated reminders and personalized answers and made the feedback process seamless for both employers and employees. We believe it works best for companies that are just starting to build their review processes and only occasionally conduct reviews.


#3 Zavvy


Zavvy is an AI HR tool that streamlines people development programs. It helps:

  • Create career frameworks
  • Build an employee training library
  • Develop custom training courses based on feedback insights
  • Create feedback reports
  • Populate competency matrix
  • Generate actionable development plans
  • Enjoy multi-platform capabilities in one place
  • Onboard in a structured and step-by-step format
  • Assess where people currently stand to identify skill gaps and opportunities
  • Create role clarity

Beneficial for both hybrid or remote settings, Zavvy enable teams to juggle countless tasks at the same time efficiently.

Along with the tool, Zavvy HR AI software guides you through our proven process and proactively shares best practices from top companies.


#4 ChatGPT


No doubt ChatGPT is all the rage in the market today. Debates on whether it will lead to job cutdowns or whether it creates novel content, considering it draws answers from historical data, will go on for a long time. But did you know it serves as an awesome AI HR software? HR departments can leverage it smartly for the following:

  • Create feedback questions
  • Assist in phrasing feedback
  • Write HR policies
  • Curate keywords for job descriptions
  • Collect interview questions
  • Automate repetitive tasks in the recruitment process, like screening resumes and scheduling interviews.
  • Improve the onboarding experience for new hires
  • Automate administrative tasks, such as scheduling orientation sessions
  • Develop conversational chatbots for HR departments


#5 HypeDocs


This one is a little different from the technical software shared by us earlier. As much as every one of them is important to build a business, HypeDocs focuses on the well-being of an individual.

Developed by Aashni Shah, HypeDocs is like a personal cheerleader that helps celebrate the small and the big wins.

“Members can use our platform to set a mission, create goals, and track their personal and professional achievements. These lists then power multiple tools, such as weekly reminders, to gain confidence, beating imposter syndrome, and becoming the best version of themselves.”


On a Final Note


81% of leaders have explored or implemented HR AI tools to harness the latest technology. They support various people-related tasks. At the moment, AI tools for HR are leveraging machine learning to adapt cognitive HR processes.

Our best advice to you for harnessing AI for HR is to first try the platform and pick the one with the capability of integrating with your existing internal systems, such as Teams, Slack, Asana, Trello, and so on.

Do not disturb the equilibrium, and do not buy before you try!

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