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Apple innovation strategy: How Steve Jobs Inspired His Teams to Innovate

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Apple is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative mobile phone brands at present. Did you ever wonder how they always manage to stay ahead of the competition, deliver innovative features and products, build the strongest brand value etc? Let’s learn more about Apple’s innovation strategy in this article.

Founded in 1976, Apple Inc. is an American technology company that makes computers, smartphones, tablets, computer accessories, and software. The company achieved fame in the personal computer business and popularized the graphical user interface.

Steve Job’s innovation strategy:

To speed up Apple innovation, in early 2005, Steve Jobs gave his teams 15 days to come up with a great idea no matter what. In the attempt, a small team at Apple could not even get a night’s sleep for about 2 weeks. Everyone was under pressure of generating an idea that would be both unique and great. The reward was specified: Apple’s first touchscreen phone.

And Apple’s swipe-to-unlock feature was found. Freddy Anzures, who was a member of the iPhone’s original design team first found the idea of “Swipe to Unlock” while he was travelling in an aeroplane. The thought struck him when he needed to use the restroom on a flight. While locking the door of the restroom, he was impressed by how simple it was to lock and unlock the door as all he had to do was swipe.

Freddy’s suggestion became one of the primary elements of the groundbreaking iPhone after he collaborated with a group of Apple engineers

“It was the idea, and then the process.”– Freddy Anzures.

The conclusion:

Apple filed a patent application for this technology in 2005. This concept became an instant success and until recently it was a part of iPhones. 

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