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Creative Lego innovation that customers utterly loved

creative innovations at Legoland

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Creativity and curiosity are important for the innovation success of any company. When it comes to Lego innovation, the both play a vital role. Founded in 1932, the LEGO Group is a Danish toy manufacturing company. The company is primarily known for making LEGO-brand toys, which are largely made from interlocking plastic bricks. They have retail outlets in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Creative Lego Innovation:

The company has built several Legoland amusement parks across the world. The Legolands became the customer’s favourite spot after the capture of the creative Lego innovations.

The front-line employees often present the most amazing ideas. The creative innovations at Legoland proved this nicely. The customers coming to Legoland frequently faced the problem of long wait queues. Children and their guardians had to stay in line for long periods of time prior to the ride. It happened that at times the children became frustrated and this resulted in chaos.

A Legoland employee on the front lines felt sorry for these parents and decided to act. The employee made things simpler for both parents and employees by proposing the placement of tables with Lego pieces in the centre of these queues. A little mix-up of fun while they all waited.


This creative innovation radically transformed the Legoland customer experience, and it all came from a frontline employee who had been dealing with the issue daily. Although the leadership team had never considered this since they had never witnessed the situation personally. Embracing the front-line idea proved to be an amazing innovation at Legoland.

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Employees have never failed to present such creative ideas and thus, capturing ideas from employees is one of the major contributors to every business’s growth. If you’re not capturing your employees’ ideas, you are losing out. Stop losing with the help of idea management software like InspireIP. Get your hands on the tool today, for free. 

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