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Why it is important to capture ideas from an employee?

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Sometimes an idea may appear negligible but may contain great potential. Such one idea was captured by KLM Dutch Airlines from an employee. It may be a challenge to ideate and innovate in large-scale organisations and that is where InspireIP comes into play. A centralised place to capture, manage, and evaluate ideas. But, we will talk about it later, let’s look at the idea capture that changed fortunes of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The company offers air transportation services. It’s service portfolio includes passenger transportation, catering, cargo services, maintenance and repair, and overhaul services. 

The Idea capture:

Indeed sometimes amazing ideas arrive when a situation demands a solution. Few years back, KLM had been considering methods to minimize their aircraft turnaround times. The high turnaround times were costing the company a lot. In the process, A KLM employee, Simone Van Neerven along with her team came together over a week-long session for generating ideas to reduce the turnaround time for flights.

You know what they say, Teamwork brings out the best of us. The team came up with 14 potential action plans that could be implemented in three to six months. The idea was remarkable and it benefitted the company by cutting down the cost by a noticeable amount.


Embracing the employee’s ideas proved fortune full for the company. The team was able to cut turnaround times from 50 to 35 minutes with minimal investment. The success of this concept resulted in the financial turnaround of KLM’s Europe Network, and KLM was soon ‘flying high’ again.

idea capture
“We were able to reduce the turnaround time of the Embraer 190, resulting in millions of cost reductions.”- Simone Van Neerven

Having a culture of innovation and enabling employees to ideate has resulted in a ton of successful products to date. Innovative ideas like mile-high humour or putting Lego pieces for waiting customers happen once in a while.

Your organization too can benefit from the ideas of your employees by following a quick idea-capture process. Want help in idea capturing? An idea management tool like Inspire IP could help. Get your hands on the free trial version today!

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