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How Sun Microsystems’ Java Changed Programming Forever?

Sun microsystems Java

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It goes without saying, that ideas have the power to change the world. One fine example of this is Sun Microsystems’ Java. The computer language developed by James Gosling changed the programming world forever.

Sun Microsystems, Inc. was a former American computer workstation, server, and software manufacturer. The company was acquired by database management solution provider, oracle corporation, in 2010. This article tells the power of ideas and how James Gosling became the father of Java while working for sun microsystems.

The power of a simple idea:

James Gosling, an employee of Sun Microsystems, recognized the need for a program to translate software code from one language to another and initiated building a programming language that could be written once and executed anywhere. Gosling and his team created Java which was initially named Oak. The management recognized that Java could be used on a variety of devices, including computers, cell phones, and many more devices with the rise of the internet. Gosling and the team created Java emphasizing the goal that the language must be simple, object-oriented, portable, and secure. Java became a huge success.

Lesson for the leaders:

Sun Microsystems Java had approximately 100 licensees and attracted 6,000 developers by the end of 1996. James Gosling was named the “Father of Java,” and revolutionized the perceptions regarding programming.

This is a testament to the power of ideas. Ideas are powerful and can change the strategic direction of an organization. However, the sad reality is that many businesses fail to capture these ideas. Which often results in the downfall of  businesses. This is why an idea capture tool is crucial for any organization.

A simple idea can change an organization’s strategic direction. Sun Microsystems, among other things, was most renowned for Java. When it was acquired in 2010, Oracle paid the company $7.4 Billion for the acquisition. Ideas are powerful, and if you’re not capturing innovative ideas, you are losing out. You can stop committing that mistake today, by getting an idea management tool that goes the full cycle – from ideation to deployment.

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