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Ford Innovation: How Ford strives to make cab rides smoother?

ford innovation

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About Ford

Ford, is an automotive manufacturer, headquartered in the United States. The amount of Ford innovation ranges quite wide. The company has been innovating in the automotive domain since 1903 and continues to push the boundaries of automotive by working on technologies like autonomous vehicles.

The Idea and Implementation

What if you’re a foreigner trying to hail a ride in a new country or another state where they speak an entirely different language?

Hailing a taxi and the ride to the destination might be chaos if there is no sync in understanding.

Oleg Gusikhin and his team might be trying to find a solution to this problem. Resultantly, they created a service that empowered the passenger in a ride-sharing service with SYNC Remote Control. It connected the passenger’s phone to SYNC through the driver’s phone without the need for further pairing. The idea allowed passengers in a ride-sharing vehicle to launch an app interface that allowed them to operate the car’s radio and climate settings. It also had a translation service that allowed passengers to enter into the phone what they intended to say, and SYNC translated it into the driver’s language.


These features made the journey more enjoyable for the passengers. The idea has the potential for the future of ride-sharing services, particularly for completely autonomous vehicles that do not require a driver.

Ideas like this result in innovation that shapes our future. In fact, the Ford innovation strategy includes growth by recognizing employee ideas and implementing them. Not many companies do that. In fact, according to a McKinsey survey,

84% of executives believe innovation is important to their growth strategy, but only 6% are satisfied with their firm’s innovation performance.

There is no lack of ideas in any of these companies, there are many. What they lack is a system to capture ideas and nurture these ideas. An idea management tool is the need of the hour for these companies. What should you look for in these tools?

Ease of use, sophistication, and ability to take the idea full cycle from ideation to deployment. And if you’re looking for these factors while searching for your next idea management tool, your search should stop here. This listicle will help you choose the right idea management software that will facilitate innovation in your organization – List of best idea management software.

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