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Microsoft environmental sustainability made events greener

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Microsoft Corp. is a software company that creates, licenses, and supports software products, services, and devices. The company provides a diverse set of operating systems, cross-device productivity apps, server apps, software development tools, etc. Let’s dive into the Microsoft environmental sustainability idea that came from an employee.

Idea and Implementation

Gina Broel, an employee of Microsoft, managed large events with over 15,000 attendees worldwide. She was worried about the environment around her and recognized a chance to grow the business while also serving her passion through greening the company’s conferences.

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Broel and her colleagues set out to address the problems such as eliminating bottled water and using recyclable items. Over time, they started implementing projects that resulted in double-digit waste reductions year after year.

“Now we still see great results but sometimes it’s hard for teams to keep sustainability top of mind when there are so many other event details to manage, this is why we need continued education and evangelism. Sustainability is an ongoing effort. It doesn’t end.”

– Gina Broel.


Since 2008, improvements in Microsoft’s event planning methods have saved approximately 56 semi-trucks of recyclable material. It contributed approximately 85,000 meals to those in need and composted over 675 tons of food waste. The initiatives started around the same time as the idea of “green meetings” was beginning to gain traction. Hence, an employee’s idea to somehow create environmental sustainability at Microsoft turned out to be an amazingly innovative idea for the world.

Simple yet sophisticated ideas like this not just cut costs and save money, but also have an impact on the environment. Ideas like this change lives and save the planet. Did you know your organization could be sitting on a pile of such wonderful ideas too? That’s why you must encourage your employees to share their ideas and implement them.

Now the question is how to capture those employee ideas. If you already have access to a have a private innovation and idea management program, you can stop reading. If not, you should next check out some of the best idea management software in the market and procure one for your organization. Don’t worry we got you covered – Find the best idea management software for your organization here. 

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