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UQBATE: The successful intrapreneurship program of Deutsche Telekom

UQBATE Intrapreneurship program

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Deutsche Telekom is a major telecommunications company headquartered in Germany. It has over 248 million mobile customers, 26 million fixed-network lines, and 22 million broadband lines. In this article we discuss their intrapreneurship program called UQBATE.

Idea and Implementation

In 2011, Johannes Nuenning, a company employee developed UQBATE, an intrapreneurship program to support employees to come up with ideas for new businesses inside the company.  UQBATE provided a platform for the company’s internal entrepreneurs to express their ideas. In UQBATE, teams were established, and ideas were debated and pitched. The teams took forward the validation and development phase, which comprised speaking to potential clients and testing theories. Johannes Nuenning promoted the program both internally and externally and was responsible for its success.


Since the inception of UQBATE, 400 ideas were tested with the participation of more than 600 employees. Zuqi, an online platform for special service providers, and MyComoda, a virtual wardrobe was the outcome of the initiative. The program generated revenue-generating ideas as well as recognized entrepreneurial talent within the organization.

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