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10 Reasons You Need Workplace Innovation Platforms in 2024 (Tools Included)


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That without workplace innovation platforms you’d be throwing ideas into the abyss couldn’t be more true.

We’ve time and again talked about how people are driven by their will to innovate. And companies benefit by establishing an intrapreneurship culture, turning employee ideas into workplace innovation.

But it’s an obvious fact that any individual can conceive an idea at any time and place, not necessarily while working. You know that moment when you’re in the shower, and suddenly, you’ve cracked the code to world peace?

Well, this is where workplace innovation platforms fit in!


#1 Idea Management

One of the primary functions of workplace innovation platforms is to capture, organize, and manage ideas generated by individuals at any time and place. This involve features like idea submission forms, voting mechanisms, instant messaging, document sharing to facilitate teamwork, and tracking the progress of ideas.


Employee churn rate is at an all time high. They are choosing to resign than stay at a place where free flow of ideas and creativity is unappreciated. Therefore, making idea and innovation management key to a successful business.



#2 Collaboration and Communication

If  you’ve got a workplace innovation platform, it acts like the ultimate collaboration wingman.


Breaking Down Communication Barriers

No more playing phone tag or drowning in endless email chains. The platform brings everyone to the same digital playground.

For instance, Idea Assist enables you to shoot a quick message, have a virtual chat, and share files effortlessly.

No matter where your team members are, the platform creates these virtual hangout spots. It’s like having a watercooler chat, but in a digital realm. You can share updates, ask questions, and keep the team spirit alive, even if you’re continents apart.


Real-Time Collaboration

It’s not just about talking; it’s about developing ideas together. The platform packs real-time collaboration tools. You can co-innovate, co-invent, brainstorm , and make decisions on the fly without a gazillion meetings.

The platform becomes this giant idea magnet. You can throw in your lightbulb moments, and your colleagues can jump in with theirs. It’s like a 24/7 brainstorming session where creativity knows no office hours.


#3 Project Management Harmony

Ever been stuck in a project where you’re clueless about who’s doing what?

Since workplace innovation platforms streamlines the entire innovation process, starting from idea generation, submission, prioritization, evaluation, to implementation, selected ideas are converted into projects.

When we developed Idea Assist and IP Assist, we knew our workplace platforms had to tackle the real pain points.

It meant going beyond the fundamental aspects, i.e., centralized project hub, idea capture, task assignments, real-time updates, repository management, and collaboration.

We saw innovation leaders wishing they had a crystal ball for their project’s future?

Well, the workplace platform gives you the next best thing – a timeline. Milestones, deadlines, potential roadblocks – it’s all laid out for you.

And resources? No more playing detective. The platform gives you the scoop on who’s available and who’s juggling more tasks than a circus performer. You can balance workloads like a pro.

Risks? Every project has them, right? The platform is like your fortune teller, helping you spot potential hiccups and giving you a spot to brainstorm solutions before they turn into full-blown problems.

Oh, and when the project is done and dusted, the platform doesn’t just pack up and leave. It gives you a post-game analysis. How did it go? What could be better? It’s like having a debrief with your team, but less formal and with more virtual high-fives.

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#4 Smashing Silos

You know those departmental silos that make collaboration feel like a spy mission? The platform bulldozes those.

It’s not just for the R&D folks; it’s for everyone. Marketing, HR, IT – they’re all in the same sandbox.

Earlier, it was all about sending emails, waiting for managerial approvals, and rigid conversations.

Now, it’s instant.

No more waiting for days for an email response. You shoot a message, and it’s like a text – instant and to the point.

Projects used to be these solo quests. With the platform, it’s workplace innovations all around. Marketing and IT working together? HR and Finance joining forces? It’s like the Avengers assembling for a project instead of battling a supervillain.


#5 Document Nirvana

Say goodbye to the confusion of multiple versions of the same document.

The platform ensures everyone’s on the same page, literally.

You can access the latest version, comment, and make changes without creating document chaos. In a nutshell, incorporate innovation in the workplace by:

  • gathering all ideas into one central hub. No more frantic searching through emails or folders; everything’s right there.
  • replacing multiple versions with names like “Final_Final_ReallyFinal.doc” with version control.
  • sending documents securely without clogging up inboxes.
  • making idea searchability a thing because finding that one elusive idea used to be like a quest for the Holy Grail.


#6 Crowd-Sourced Solutions to Innovation Challenges

Got a tricky challenge? Throw it to the crowd! The platform lets you tap into the collective brainpower of your team. Discussions, suggestions, and solutions can come from unexpected corners, turning every challenge into a group effort.

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#7 Mobile Magic

The platform isn’t tethered to the desk. Whether you’re on a beach or stuck in a coffee shop with spotty Wi-Fi, you can still ideate and collaborate. It’s like having your teamwork toolkit in your pocket.


#8 Continuous Improvement

Innovation is continual. You don’t get Eureka! moments everyday. Innovation is the byproduct of continuous improvement that’s only possible with consistence and persistence.

Workplace innovation platforms contribute to the development of a culture focused on continuous improvement. By encouraging employees to share ideas and providing a mechanism for implementation, organizations can adapt and evolve more rapidly.

Bill Murray, a renowned American actor and comedian, famously said, “The more relaxed you are, the better you are at everything: the better you are with your loved ones, the better you are with your enemies, the better you are at your job, the better you are with yourself.”

It couldn’t be said better.

When we talk about continuous improvement in a workplace, it’s obvious that employees are the real actors in the play. Since people respond to what they understand, you must make it easy for them to perform their job better.

Leverage digital tools and automation to make their job of generating ideas and productivity as well as your job to inspire innovation easy and fun.


#9 Alignment with Modern Work Practices

The platform supports modern work practices, including flexible work arrangements, remote collaboration, and digital communication.

Modern work is all about flexibility, right? This platform gets it. It’s like a collaboration wizard, adapting to how your team likes to work. Virtual meetings, instant messages, or just sharing updates – it’s got your back.

Modern work comes with its toolbox of apps. The platform isn’t an island; it’s like a tech wizard that integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools. No need to switch tabs; everything plays harmoniously.

Workstyles evolve, and so does the platform. It’s like a chameleon adapting to the changing landscape. Whether your team is into asynchronous work, video meetings, or a mix of both, the platform rolls with the punches.

Also, in the era of cyber dragons, data security is crucial. The platform is like the knight in shining armor, ensuring your data is guarded against virtual marauders. It’s not just tech; it’s tech with a shield.


#10 Data-driven Decisions

The analytics and reporting features of these platforms offer insights into the effectiveness of innovation efforts. Organizations use this data to refine their innovation strategies and continuously improve the platform itself.

Imagine your data spread across the digital universe. The platform pulls it all together, creating a central hub. No more chasing data across different tools; it’s like having a one-stop-shop for all your information.

Waiting for weekly reports is so last season. The platform offers real-time reporting. It’s like having a live feed of your data’s heartbeat. Whether it’s project progress, team performance, or market trends, you know what’s happening now.


Concluding Remarks

Workplace innovation platforms refer to tools and technologies that facilitate and support innovation within an organization. These platforms are designed to encourage collaboration, idea sharing, and problem-solving among employees. They provide a digital environment where individuals or teams can collaborate, share insights, and work together to drive innovation.

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But if you’re looking to start generating workplace innovation ideas, here’s a quick read: Brainstorming Questions to Find Your IP (30+ Actionable Prompts for Innovators)

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