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Ford car innovation: How ‘On the go H2O’ idea surfaced?

Ford car innovation

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Countless amounts of innovations have been made in the automobile industry. It is crazy to see the way the industry has progressed over time. We like the ideas that stand out from the crowd. More than that, we love ideas that aren’t just unique but bring benefit to nature. Like the idea for greener conferences or the Carbon fee program at Microsoft. Let’s explore the car innovation that happened at Ford.


Ford Motor Company, started in 1903, is an automobile manufacturing company. It manufactures, markets, and services electric passenger and commercial vehicles. Ford is famous for their unique car innovations that happened in the automobile sector. And the most prevalent is the on-the-go H2O innovation. 

The Idea and Implementation

Doug Martin, a Ford Engineer, came up with the idea of producing drinking water from condensed water coming out of the car’s air conditioning system. He came up with this car innovation idea when he noticed a few droplets of water falling from his car. The condensed water was purified before being sent to a tap near the gearbox. Doug along with his colleagues built the prototype for the process. During the research, he discovered that a single vehicle could produce 64 ounces of water in an hour. Ford promoted the vehicles, by the name ‘Try On-The-Go H2O.’

“The real vision is that this idea could eventually help people who don’t have easy access to water, in remote locations such as the Australian Outback, for example. I’m trying to make my twin daughters proud, and make the world a better place for them.”- Doug Martin


On-The-Go H2O eliminated the need for vehicles to take fewer stops during their journey to purchase bottled water, leading to fewer plastic bottles ending up in landfills. Ideas like this, captured at the right time, can reap great benefits for both the organization and the environment around them.

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